Asolo Theatre

Asolo Theatre

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ASOLO Theater

Historic Asolo Theater at the Ringling Museum of Art.

The Asolo is itself an 18th-century work of art, now in a beautiful 21st-century setting. Originally constructed in Asolo, Italy, in 1798, the theater was built in honor of Catherine Cornaro, a 15th-century queen of Cyprus who held the title "Sovereign Lady of Asolo." The great Italian actress Eleonora Duse (1858-1924) launched her career there. For 132 years Asolo's theater was a top venue for Italian royalty and their friends; however, in 1930, the theater was disassembled by the Mussolini regime and placed in storage.


The state of Florida purchased the Asolo in 1949. A. Everett Austin, the Ringling Museum's first director, coordinated the purchase and reassembly in 1952 on the Ringling Museum property. A remodeled Asolo opened its doors in January, 1958. The Asolo quickly became responsible for much of the theater, opera, ballet, and music that make Sarasota one of the nation’s leading cultural communities. 


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A Thriving Venue for Every Art 

In 1990, a new "Asolo" was built nearby in the FSU Center for the Performing Arts, and the original theater was renamed the "Historic" Asolo. In 2006, the theater was moved again and rebuilt at the John M. McKay Visitors Pavilion on the Ringling Museum property. Today, the Historic Asolo is a thriving venue offering a wide range of theater, music, dance, and film. The Historic Asolo is also a venue for The Asolo Repertory Theater, a leading element in Sarasota's lively arts community. The Historic Asolo Theater is entirely family-friendly and handicapped-accessible, and there's plenty of free parking. No pets are allowed except companion guide animals. For schedule details call 941-359-5700 or visit

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