Circus Sarasota Presents: Extreme Vegas

Circus Sarasota Presents: Extreme Vegas

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Come see everything Vegas has to offer—right here in Sarasota!


Extreme Vegas - Circus Sarasota


Are you ready to witness extreme stunts, acrobatics, illusions and magic like you have never seen before? Come check out “Extreme Vegas” presented by the talented individuals at Circus Sarasota! This exciting show not only features mind-blowing stunts and magic, but you can also look forward to enjoying some sidesplitting comedy. All of the comedy, stunts, magic and illusions are beautifully accompanied and complimented by spectacular costumes, visual effects and sound to make your journey to Vegas that much more enjoyable. No trip to Vegas would be complete without the showgirls! That’s right, they will make an appearance in “Extreme Vegas” as well.


“Extreme Vegas” will be on stage for only a short while—10 shows to be exact! So, if you are planning to enjoy the show with your family and friends, make sure your plans are made and tickets are bought ahead of time.



Watch the “Extreme Vegas” Trailer: 





WHAT: “Extreme Vegas” by Circus Sarasota

WHEN: January 10-12 and 17-19

WHERE: The Big Top - 1500 Stringfield Ave. 34237

COST: $25-55









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