Day or Night, It's Party Time in Sarasota

Day or Night, It's Party Time in Sarasota!

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See Sarasota LiveWherever you go in Sarasota or her barrier islands, people are always having a great time, day or night. Both locals are visitors are blessed with such a wide variety of activities and things to do. It is often hard to decide where to start. is pleased to announce we will be posting a calendar of events, cheap thrills, things to do and our top picks every Wednesday, along with pictures, video, helpful links and other fun stuff. We encourage your participation and are happy to post your pictures, videos and content where everyone can enjoy!


We just want to have fun, so you will see no politics or business on our site, just beaches, palm trees and sunshine! And our webcams and content are always FREE, so please support our ad sponsors.


Here are a few local pics to get the party started…

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