Master Sand Sculpting on Siesta Key

Master Sand Sculpting on Siesta Key

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Master Sand Sculpting on Siesta KeyIf you had not seen the sand sculptures come to life in front of your very own eyes, you might not believe it. Mermaids, giant sea turtles, and even a car rise out of the famous Siesta Key sands. Miniscule characteristics are carefully etched into every sandy nook and crevices of artistic pieces that tower over 10 feet high. And you can catch all of the action this weekend at the 6th Annual Siesta Key Crystal Classic, an international sand sculpting festival that will be held on November 13-17.


Each year the festival has grown and is now a well-anticipated event drawing master sand sculptors along with thousands of attendees. With its normal lore as a premiere beach destination and quaint dining and shopping village, Siesta Key hosts the yearly sand-sculpting event with picturesque scenery and functionality. Long touted for purity and quartz content, the sands found on Siesta Key provide the perfect medium for artists whose works of art more resemble perfectly crafted marble statues, rather than something that started with grains of sand.


The festival features several sculpting events and is also the culmination of hard work and sweat ethic for those who have been participating in amateur competitions throughout the year in preparation for this event. In the span of 24 working hours over the course of the four-day event, America’s #1 Beach gives way to giant sculptures that defy your sensibilities and transports you to a true state of wonder at the hands of professional sand sculptors.


For those who enjoyed playing in the sand as a child, creating bridges and motes to protect towering sand castles that were labored over for hours, the Siesta Key Crystal Classic has set aside sand and room for you to shine also. Bring your tools, and don’t forget your sunscreen and plenty of water as you may be one of a handful of lucky participants in the amateur competition. A total of 20 plots will be put aside for those wishing to enter on Saturday, November 14 from 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Entry is based on a first come, first served basis and there is no cost to join.


Master Sand Sculpting on Siesta KeyIn addition, “Quick Sand” competitions will run throughout the event, which pit two master sculptors against each other in a lightning round, 10-minute session, where they will be required to model their creations to represent a particular word they’re given. Based on audience applause, the participant who most accurately depicts the word in their sculpture will be able to move on to the next competition. Quick Sand competitions run Friday and Saturday, with the master round being held on Sunday.


Rounding out the itinerary for the weekend’s events will be demonstrations by master sand sculptor, Amazin’ Walter. A vendor village, party tent, and food court will provide dining and retail options for visitors, and live music will also be playing on outdoor stages throughout the weekend. If you thought you had experienced all that Siesta Key has to offer, you will be delighted with the magnitude and grandeur of the sculptures that will start as piles of sand, and will result in amazing pieces of art in the formidable natural gallery known as Siesta Key. For more information on this event, please visit


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