Peace, Love and Hoopiness

Peace, Love and Hoopiness

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Who would think that exercise could be so much fun?

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If you venture onto Nokomis Beach and find a bunch of people in a hoola-fitness frenzy, don’t be surprised. It is likely that they are just the happy members of the Peace, Love and Hoopiness Hoop Fitness class!


Peace, Love and Hoopiness Hoop Fitness, LLC is an off-traditional hour-long fitness class. Hoop-Fit instructor, Heather, and her daughter, Hannah, creatively infuse hoop dance and more traditional-type exercises, providing a very fun—and very effective—way to get fit! Heather can attest to this personally, as she lost a significant amount of weight in a short amount of time all due to Hoola-Fit.


The “hoopiness”, as they call it, all began about three years ago when Heather saw her daughter hoola-hooping. She had always wanted to learn how to “hoop”, but was never able to until her daughter taught her how to master the art of hoola-hooping. “I started off learning how, I think I never could because I was always using the wrong size hoop…the right size is important.” –Heather Kirkendall


As soon as she began hooping, she noticed a change in her life—not only in her body, but on the inside as well. Her outlook on life became brighter and more positive. All of this, she attributes to hooping: “…I have gained so much from this experience including confidence, peace, happiness, hoopiness, 90 lb. weight loss with toning to name a few…”


Could you use some of that? If so, check out Peace, Love and Hoopiness! It is probably the most fun and family-friendly exercise class you’ll ever find—and it is right in our backyard! Yet another reason to love Sarasota County.


Peace Love and Hoopiness CollageSchedule:

9am – Monday and Wednesday at Nokomis Beach

5:30pm – Wednesday at Nokomis Beach

7pm – Monday at Nokomis Community Center

8:30am – Friday at InStride Therapy

10am – 3rd Saturday of Every Month at Unity Church in Venice



$15 per class


$80 for a card that is good for 8 classes ($10 per class, good for all times and locations)




Need a Hoop? No Problem!

Heather and Hannah also provide the option for you to purchase your own custom hoola-hoop. A kid’s hoop costs around $20 and an adult hoop customarily costs around $30-40.


More Hoopiness!





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