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6th Annual Sarasota Chalk Festival

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It's here, the Sixth annual Sarasota Chalk Festival!


In November, come see over 500 artists creating colossal pieces of art all out of pastel chalk. These artists will be creating these over-sized masterpieces right on Pineapple avenue in Sarasota, and we literally mean on the avenue- using the pavement as a canvas.  These artists have come from all over the world to create these wonders purely for the public's entertainment. This festival is way more than just chalk.  It is more of a cultural festival that embraces all forms of street art.


The Sarasota Chalk Festival was voted the Best Festival of 2012 and 2013 by SRQ Magazine readers and by Sarasota Magazine.  This year they are "going vertical." Which consists of artists also creating murals on the buildings around Sarasota, with the involved businesses consent, of course. Also, some artists may be trying out some newer mediums and techniques.  One of which being cellograff.  Cellograff is a new art form that is becoming very popular amongst the street artists of today- consisting of cellophane being wrapped between two lamp posts or trees and graffitiing directly on the cellophane.  The creations of cellograff are breath-taking.


This year's theme is, "Legacy of Valor: Honoring Veterans, Inspiring Patriotism and Embracing Freedom." Every performance, whether being chalk art, cellograff, poetry, or performance art - all will be encompassing and emulating this theme.  


There will be a section for the "Little Chalkers." This space will allow the young and the young at heart to chalk things they would like to for free. This area will be open to everyone between 10am and 5 pm. So be sure to bring the kids along to the Chalk Festival!


The Chalk Festival is free admission to the public spanning up and down N. and S. Pineapple Ave. Artists work only for tips/donations and for the thrill and challenge of creating these pieces in only three days time! Come on November 13-18th to watch this creation of beauty.


If you appreciate all kinds of street art, or enjoy honoring veterans and inspiring patriotism, then you will love this festival.  People from all over the world will be here creating incredible masterworks just for you. Come and enjoy all of this high-quality, world-renowned, free art work. Make this November another "Best Festival" for Sarasota and come enjoy this opportunity.


Pictures from the 2013 Sarasota Chalk Festival: 






Take a look at the slideshow below for pictures of last year's Sarasota Chalk Festival! 

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