Sarasota Medieval Fair

Sarasota Medieval Fair

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The cheering can be heard from the street—the sound of hoofs pounding the ground faster and faster ending with a loud clash of splintering wood on metal armor.


Sarasota Medieval FairThe succulent aromas are thick in the air. The different plaids and gossamer clothing are striking. If I were to tell you that you had travelled back to the medieval ages, you wouldn’t believe me. But, the Sarasota Medieval Fair has come back for your enjoyment!


The Sarasota Medieval Fair takes place starting this weekend the 9th and 10th of November! But if you cannot make it this weekend, no worries! The Fair also runs the 16th-17th, and the 23rd-24th.


This year marks the ten year anniversary of the tournaments and festivities. Therefore, they wanted to bring you something special, so each weekend there will be featuring a new line-up of different nationally renowned acts such as: Cast in Bronze, The Rogues, Charming and Dashing and many more.


The Sarasota Medieval Fair lets you truly feel like you have been immersed in a different time. It will be taking place at the Ringling Woods behind the Sarasota Fairgrounds. Feast on two pound turkey legs whilst drinking a hearty ale. There are so many shows that they will be performing such as human combat chess matches and human contact jousting. This year come and watch the intense Battle of Crecy: the English vs. the French. It will be the talk of the fair. Enjoy plenty of Celtic music while playing the multitude of games or riding the exciting rides.


Stepping foot on the grounds will transport you to this old time of festival. Surround yourself by minstrels, jests and wenches. Take in all the 100 plus shops in the brand new artisan marketplace that features different artists and different crafts that are reminiscent of the Medieval Fair.


Be sure to make it out to the Ringling Woods on November 9-10, 16-17, or 23-24 to enjoy the times of old. Where else will you be able to see jousting, human combat chess, belly dancers, and a battle all in one place? The Sarasota Medieval Festival is pure fun for the entire family with food, shows, and face painting. Make sure you come out and grab a turkey leg and enjoy watching the Battle of Crecy. Welcome to a different time where you can enjoy the more exhilarating things in life.

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