Sarasota Music Festival Returns June 3 - 22

Sarasota Music Festival Returns June 3 - 22

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The widely-acclaimed, highly-anticipated Sarasota Music Festival returns to beautiful Sarasota this year from June 3 through June 22.

Sponsored by the Sarasota Orchestra, the Festival has been held every summer in Sarasota since 1965, when it was founded by conductor Paul Wolfe, who also served as director of the Festival until 2006. The 49th annual Sarasota Music Festival features concerts by respected artists performing American classical music. Instructional lectures, classes, and workshops to provide to aspiring professional musicians will also be offered. Since 1984, the state of Florida has recognized the Sarasota Music Festival as the “Official Teaching and Performing Festival of the State of Florida.” The Festival is a delightful combination of youthful promise and veteran talent that stands as one of the most superb classical music events in the nation.

Sarasota Music Festival
Nearly 500 students audition each year to participate in the Sarasota Music Festival, but only 60 are selected. The students range from professional-level musicians to the best students from the finest music schools and conservatories. Many students travel from overseas to take part. These talented young people work with the Festival’s guest faculty, a group of 40 music masters, including many of the festival’s own alumni. These masters represent most major American orchestras and a cross-section of renowned music schools, conservatories, and institutes of music. On a typical day during the Festival, a student may rehearse in a faculty-coached ensemble, perform in master classes, and play on stage. The public has a unique opportunity to see and hear these visiting artists perform together.

This year’s Festival audiences will enjoy performances including Thursday afternoon Artist Showcase Concerts, Friday and Saturday evening Chamber Concerts, and Festival Orchestra Concerts. Many patrons opt to purchase Festival Passes, which allow them access to the master classes and the rehearsals. The public is also invited to a pair of lectures by Robert Levin, the Festival’s artistic director since 2007. This year’s guest faculty includes Los Angeles Philharmonic concertmaster Martin Chalifour, and a former concertmaster of the Boston Symphony, Joseph Silverstein. Several composers and published music scholars, 16 solo and chamber music-recording artists, and 4 conductors will also serve in this year’s faculty.

The performance venues for the Sarasota Music Festival are Holley Hall at the Beatrice Friedman Symphony Center (709 North Tamiami Trail) and the Sarasota Opera House (61 North Pineapple Avenue). Concerts take place at Holley Hall on June 6,
13, and 20; concerts at the Opera House are June 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, and 22. Robert Levin’s lectures will be at Holley Hall on June 8 and June 15. The Sarasota Music Festival is one of Sarasota’s preeminent annual cultural events. Don’t miss this fabulous opportunity to see and hear the established masters of today and the upcoming virtuoso performers of tomorrow.


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