Nathan Benderson Park - 2017 World Rowing Championships

Nathan Benderson Park - 2017 World Rowing Championships

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For the first time in over 30 years, the World Rowing Championships will take place in the United States...right in our own backyard!


Mark your calendars for fall of 2017, because that is when the competitors in the World Rowing Championships will make their way to Sarasota. Though it might seem like this event is a long way off, scheduling and bidding by Sarasota County leaders has been in the works for nearly the past year and the training that the competitors are undergoing began long before that.


The location for the 2017 World Rowing Championships, Nathan Benderson Park, began hosting regatta competitions in 2009 and continues to host them to this day. The park is located west of I-75 and east of The Meadows residential community; it is a 600-acre park that boasts a 500-acre lake ideal for hosting these types of competitions.


The park’s ideal location and great potential did not go unnoticed. Over $40 million has been committed to further developing Nathan Benderson Park and will make it, undoubtedly, the best location for paddle sport events in the world. The project of revamping and perfecting the park is on schedule and the Grand Opening is scheduled for 2014. Nathan Benderson Park is situated to become the leading rowing facility in North America and the world and we are so proud it is ours!


Nathan Benderson Park

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