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Big Cat Habitat


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Conservation and Preservation at Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary

Combining Circus excellence and an animal sanctuary is very representative of Sarasota’s rich circus history and philanthropic culture.  And at Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary, this tradition of providing exotic animals a safe, nurturing environment has been carrying on for years.  Owner, Kay Rosaire, is an eighth generation animal trainer who saw a need to save the exotic animals she had worked with for over 30 years.  Through her vision and efforts, along with the donations and help from supporting volunteers, Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary not only provides a lifetime home for oftentimes forgotten or discarded exotic animals, but generates an abundance of knowledge and education about the world’s largest and most mystical animals.

Residents at the habitat range from lions, tigers and bears (oh my!) to primates, birds and tortoises.  Visitors have the unique opportunity to get an up close and personal experience with species of animals in a natural environment that they call home.  Opportunities to take photographs of the animals, see them playing games and interacting, and increase awareness of the necessity of conservation, are just a few of the great attributes of this local treasure.  Animals are provided a safe, clean environment with opportunities for mental stimulation and enrichment.  There are three indoor/outdoor housing complexes, swimming pools, exercise areas, toys and palm trees to provide a natural and stimulating environment for all the animals who live there.   Attendees are treated to comedic presentations focusing on the preservation of the animals to prevent their extinction.   Individuals, groups and school classes are encouraged to enjoy a fun, educational day.  Contributions are encouraged and also tax free, as the sanctuary is a 501©3 nonprofit organization.

It’s really a rare experience when you get to see conservation and volunteer ventures succeed so beautifully.  A place where exotic animals can be sure to be treated kindly and humanly, and one where economic desires do not outweigh the mission to protect the precious animals.  Visit Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary.  You’ll be amazed and awestruck at the power and intelligence of these also vulnerable creatures.  Get to know Sarasota in a new way that also connects you back to its famous circus roots.  You’ll be intrigued and inspired to learn about Kay Rosaire and her family of conservationists doing great things for the exotic cats, bears and other animals under their care.   Your adventure awaits you at Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary.

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