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Sarasota Bayfront is currently looking for a new sponsor to host the Sarasota Bayfront Cam. The property where our current webcam is located is being sold and all equipment must be removed. Any individuals interested in being the new home for the Sarasota Bay cam, please contact us at 941-918-1956. Requirements include: willingness to host webcam, direct Bay frontage/ view, high speed internet access, structure that can accommodate a high placement for the webcam.  


Sarasota Bay and its surrounding area appeared on the earliest maps of Southwest Florida. During the 18th century, this area was known as "Zara Zote." Later on, the name would be changed to Sara Sota, and finally to Sarasota. It is believed the two word Sara Sota was combined due to a rule for one word postal designations. There is also a legend that states Sarasota got its name from being the burial place of Sara De Soto, the daughter of Hernando De Soto. The legend holds that Chici-Okobee, the prince of the Seminole Indians, fell in love with Sara De Soto. When she fell ill and died, Chichi-Okobee asked Hernando De Soto if he could bury his beloved at the most beautiful place on the shores of Florida. De Soto agreed, and Sara De Soto's body was laid to rest at Sarasota Bay.

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