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St. Armands

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Unlike its neighbor, Lido Key has a much less dramatic history. Before it became Lido Key, it was home for almost 4,000 years to the Paleo and Calusa Indians. These native people disappeared from the area when the Spanish explorers arrived during the 1500's. When the explorers left, Lido Key remained mostly uninhabited, until the early 1900's. At this time, Lido Key was purchased by John Ringling in the hope of constructing a shopping and residential area, which would be an extension of his St. Armands plan. Once the John Ringling Causeway was constructed, Lido Key was finally connected to mainland Sarasota. As with St. Armands, Lido Key was also a forgotten place during the hard times of the depression. In the year 1940, this area was revitalized as construction on the Lido Beach Casino was completed. People from around the world all flocked to the beachside casino, including celebrities world famous musicians. By 1969, the casino had decreased in popularity. As a result, it was decided that the building would be destroyed to make way for new construction. The only remnant of the casino is the restored junior olympic sized pool, which is now located at the Lido Pavilion.

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