“Wonderstruck” by Circus Sarasota

“Wonderstruck” by Circus Sarasota

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If you haven’t seen “Wonderstruck” yet, you’re missing out.


From February 7 – 23 Circus Sarasota, joined by many international circus stars, are presenting their show “Wonderstruck” to pay tribute to their circus heritage.



In this show, expect to see some pretty fantastic things! Each act has something new up its sleeve to present. For example, Luciano Anastasini’s sidesplitting show includes his talented dogs—each of which were rescued from the pound and trained to perfect what they love best. Caroline Williams, the equestrian of the show, will attempt something that has never before been attempted: a quick change.... while riding on top of her horse! Let’s not forget about the aerialists and award winning Flying Cortez team who are always so entertaining.


This year, there will also be a new ballet act from China where the ballerina will perform on her male partner’s shoulders! It is like nothing you have ever seen before.


Needless to say, make sure that you attend “Wonderstruck” in the coming weeks. Not only is this show fun and entertaining for the whole family, but it also reminds us of how Sarasota got its start and began the transformation into the city we all know and love today.


WHAT: Wonderstruck by Circus Sarasota

WHEN: February 7 – 23, 2014

WHERE: The Big Top at 12th Street & Tuttle Avenue. (1500 Stringfield Ave. 34237)

ADMISSION: Ticket Prices Vary.


Image Courtesy of CircusArts.Org

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