Lido Beach

Lido Beach


Historic Lido Beach, one of southwest Florida’s fabulous white-sand beaches, sits directly on the sparkling Gulf of Mexico. Located on sunny Lido Key, Lido Beach is the ideal spot for soaking up some sun, taking a stroll in the moonlight, or enjoying unparalleled, spectacular sunsets. It’s a splendid public beach in a community with a fascinating history.

Lido Beach

For almost 3 decades, Lido Beach was the setting for the historic Lido Casino, the site of swim competitions, beauty pageants, and the most important social events. Locals and tourists visited the Lido Casino for swimming, dining, dancing, and shopping. The Art Deco structure became a Lido Key icon thanks to its concrete seahorses and detailed murals. In 1940, over 1,000 celebrated the Lido Beach Casino’s opening; immediately, it became a gathering spot for the era’s celebrities, movers, and shakers. By 1969, the Casino’s splendor had faded, and it was demolished. A historic marker and the Lido Beach Pool are located there today. The Lido Beach Pool is open from 10:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Tuesdays through Sundays; admission to the pool is $4 for adults, $2 for children 11 or under and for seniors 55 and over.

Visitors to historic Lido Beach will find every amenity:

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Parking for 400 cars; beach umbrella, cabana, and beach chair rentals; a handicapped-accessible observation deck; a gift shop, concession stand, restrooms, a playground, and a community meeting room. The Seabreeze concession at Lido Beach serves up tasty delights including a fish taco with pico de gallo and fresh guacamole. The menu also includes hot dogs, burgers, fries and other favorites along with popular beers and wines. (Please note that for everyone’s safety and convenience, no glass containers or pets are allowed on Lido Beach.)

Lido Beach is only brief steps away from Lido Key’s charming residential neighborhoods and luxurious single-family homes; those neighborhoods are complemented by a number of stylish and distinctive condo communities that line Lido Key and provide a delightful setting for the good life, Florida-style. Lido Beach is one of the leading reasons why so many discerning homebuyers choose a home on Lido Key.

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